“But it was just a beer party…”

The perception that underage alcohol parties are just innocent gatherings of youth, an acceptable and appropriate right of passage, is debunked by the many unfortunate and sometimes lethal consequences that accompany these illegal parties. The many significant consequences, or “fall out,” from these gatherings emphasize the necessity for providing social opportunities for youth while eliminating …

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Remembering Jesse

My son Jesse’s drug and alcohol use began at around age fourteen, starting with marijuana. By fifteen he was smoking almost everyday. He lost all motivation and school was at the bottom of his “to-do” list. Jesse’s drug use continued and he went on to try just about anything he could get his hands on. …

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Emptiness In My Soul

This is a story of my experience with alcoholism and addiction. I was raised in a very loving home by my mother here in Naperville. It was in jr. high when I started to drink alcohol. It started out to be an occasional thing and then became something I thought about quite a bit. The …

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My Father Was An Addict

Looking at my parent’s wedding album, it is easy to understand why they were nicknamed “Barbie and Ken” by those who knew them. If there is any such thing as the perfect couple, it was them. My Mom was a bride that every little girl dreamed of looking like on her wedding day. She was …

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My Son Was Dying

I am a mother of 3 children. When my youngest son was a freshman in high school, he was offered marijuana by a “friend,” which began his horrible journey deeper and deeper into addiction. He worked for a time and even went to college, getting a degree from DeVry. But during these years, his addiction …

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