College Student Ate 6 Times Recommended Amount Of Pot Cookie Before Jumping To Death

Denver CBS 4, April 16, 2014

Levi Pongi, a college student, jumped to his death from a hotel balcony after eating one whole marijuana cookie that was intended to serve six people. It produced a type of psychosis.

A contributing factor in his death was ruled to be marijuana intoxication. The toxicology report found a blood THC level of 7.2 nanograms; in Colorado, 5 nanograms is considered to be marijuana intoxication.

Smoking marijuana provides a quick high by going to the brain. Eating marijuana requires digestion, which takes longer to impact the body and provide a high. After 30 minutes and no high, Levi ate the rest of the cookie.

It was then that he began to act differently and paranoid, wrecking the hotel room. He ran out of the room and jumped off the fourth floor balcony.


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