Parents Opposed to Pot, October 25, 2018

Chicago is the most corrupt city in the country and Illinois is a pay-to-play state. Billionaire JB Pritzker hopes to become the next governor of Illinois. When he talked to young voters at Northwestern University, he highlighted a plan to legalize marijuana. But do these students know the true dangers of the drug? Do they know that the marijuana industry is Big Tobacco 2?

Illinois has budget woes, but legalization of marijuana will bankrupt the state even more. The relatives of billionaire Pritzker invest in marijuana companies and donate nationwide to legalization campaigns. Their companies contribute to the politicians in California with its burgeoning marijuana industry. (See chart below from

Imagine how the legalization of marijuana will add to the crime in crime-ridden as Chicago, while auto insurance rates rise 27% as they did in other states. In Washington State, marijuana figures strongly in the crimes the teens commit against each other. Amazingly, Pritzker said that marijuana is part of his crime-fighting plan. “We don’t need more studies on this. We need to act.”

Killed by Marijuana in Illinois Traffic incidents

After decriminalization of marijuana in 2014, the number of traffic deaths involving THC rose from 14% to 19%.
A short search of newspapers reveals stoned drivers caused the crashes that killed many people in Illinois over the past few years. These include:
Isiah McKee, 3 months, died July 25, 2015
Carter Vo, 8 years on bike, May 21, 2012
Katelyn Jonak, 9, killed in Aurora, October, 2016
Alonzo De La Torre, 17 Jan, 28, 2008
Aric Wooley, 17
Aaron Dunigan, 18, killed on prom night, May 19, 2015
Raine Ewart-Picasso, 18
Benjamin Allison, 20
Mihirteg Doddupalli, 21
Sajaad Syed, 21
Stephanie Kostenko, 22 May 5, 2016
Amanda Matthiessen, 24, May 9, 2018
Alexis Danley, 27, and unborn baby, on June 29, 2017
Giovanni Roman’s cousin, 26
Enrique Moreno, 28
David Lyerla, 31, July 25, 2015
Eugene Ratliff, 32
Javier Castrejon, 38, June 2017
Roger Phillips, 38
Amando Chavez, 41
Angela King, 43
Giuseppe Garzano, 44
Tina Douglas, 48
Janice Wendling, 52, June 2016
Mark Wendling, 53
Mark Cipolla, 56
Juan Rivera, 56
William Molthop, 60
Phillip Rangel, 60
Vincent Neri, 62,
Janina Kasparek, 65
Janice Willenborg, 74

These 33 lives mattered.


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