Parents Opposed to Pot, September 12, 2016

The Emerald Triangle can’t hide behind its secrets after a report of widespread abuse, sexual exploitation and worker exploitation was published last week by Reveal News. There’s both worker and sexual exploitation.

In summer and fall, temporary workers come in town to work the marijuana harvests. These “trimmigrants” sometimes end up homeless and without jobs. In one article, it’s reported that 100 European “trimmigrants” were stiffed for pay, broke, and without a place to go and ended up in homeless shelters. Mexican and other immigrants also face abuse.

After exploitation, teens and other workers many end up in homeless shelters.

A girl from Humboldt County started working for a local grower at 12. He gave her methamphetamine to speed up her work as a trimmer, and passed her around to pay off debts. She ran away to a homeless shelter and found that pimps were using it for a hunting ground.

Two other teens in the same homeless shelter report having been trafficked for sex. Both local and out-of-town teens may be involved.

They give girls weed, alcohol and food in exchange for trimming. Sex is expected to go with it.


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