Associated Press, July 15, 2015

Colorado’s Board of Health voted against adding PTSD to the existing list of 8 debilitating conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use. “We can’t have physicians counseling people in favor of it because we don’t have data to show it’s correct,” said Jill Hunsaker-Ryan, one of the board members who voted no.

Colorado allows adults over 21 to buy recreational pot, with no doctor’s recommendation needed. But medical pot is taxed at 2.9 percent, compared to at least 19 percent for recreational pot.

In addition, medical patients are allowed to possess twice as much marijuana – 2 ounces instead of 1 ounce.

This is the third time the Board rejected the petition. The Board quoted the American Psychiatric Society in opposing PTSD. “The science we have … overwhelmingly demonstrates more harm than good at this point in time,” said Dr. Doris Gunderson, who testified on behalf of the group.

Colorado has provided about $3.4 million for two medical studies involving the use of pot tor treatment of PTSD. Those studies are just getting underway.


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