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Marijuana legalization poses challenges for employers

Brandon Klein,, February 9, 2015

A pro marijuana group in Ohio is attempting to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot to legalize marijuana for recreational use. If the amendment gets placed on the ballot and should it pass, employers fear that with more people using marijuana the pool of drug-free employees will decline and safety in the workplace will be compromised.

“’I’m absolutely opposed to [legalizing marijuana],’ said Don Crane, president of Western Reserve Building Trades, which represents more than 6,000 workers in the skilled trades.” Many trade jobs have dangerous components.


One Year of Colorado’s Marijuana Law

John Walters & David Murray, Real Clear Politics, February 8, 2015

The unintended consequences of marijuana use go unabated.

  • Marijuana infused edibles are marketed to youth. The edibles account for nearly half of Colorado’s sales.
  • Daily use of marijuana is 35 percent higher than the national average.
  • Selling marijuana on the black market continues because there are no taxes.
  • Marijuana potency has climbed sharply.

Colorado lawsuit alleges cannabis overdose from fairground candy

Keith Coffman, Reuters Denver, August 8, 2014

A man ends up in the hospital after overdosing on THC from a marijuana chocolate candy bar given to him by a County Fair vendor promoting the drug. The Denver County Fair had a “Pot Pavilion” where Jordan Coombs was offered the marijuana food product.


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Much of the country is advocating the reckless addition of a third drug, marijuana, to the two drugs currently legal for adults, alcohol and tobacco. These two legal drugs are the leading causes of preventable illness. The legal status of a drug has dramatic impact on its use. In July, 2014, 52% of Americans age 12 and older used alcohol, 28% used tobacco and only 7% used marijuana. The dramatically lower level of marijuana use reflects its illegal status not its appeal. Why is it in the interest of our nation to see marijuana use climb to the numbers now seen for alcohol and tobacco? Since when is smoking a problem we promote?
Peter Bensinger - Former Administrator, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Robert L. DuPont, M.D. - Former Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse